How to leave a quality blog comment

Leaving a blog comment is easy!  Not only is it a great way to interact with us but it is also very rewarding for children to be able to connect with people that have taken the time to visit our blog.  So if you visit, PLEASE leave us a comment – we love to see who’s interested in room 4′s learning!

Here’s how to do it:

1)  You can either click on the HEADING of the post you wish to comment on OR click on the underlined COMMENTS link under the post.  Both of these will direct you to the same place.

2)  Type your comment in the comment box titled ‘leave a reply’.

3)  Quality comments relate to the post you are commenting on, they start with a greeting such as ‘Hi Mrs Buckby’ or ‘Dear John’ and finish with a closing like ‘Bye for now, from Sally’.  It’s great to ask or answer a question in your comment if you can – this conversation is what really makes the blog come to life!

4)  You should identify yourself by first name only, or ‘Billy’s Mum/Dad’ etc and do not use any personal information about yourself such as your date of birth or where you live.

Children should have an adult check their comment before submitting it

5) Type in the anti-spam password as it appears (this stops advertisers using our blog).

6) Press submit comment.

Mrs Buckby or Ms Trish must approve your comment before it appears on the blog (for safety reasons).  Make sure you check back in to see if you have a reply to your comment and reply again where possible – conversations are what keep the blog interesting!


Happy Commenting!

10 Responses to How to leave a quality blog comment

  1. Marcus says:

    i love the tens facts game

  2. Judd says:

    l am have a good time in room 4

  3. Judd says:

    Hi room4 I the learning about god

  4. brandon says:

    hi room4 in the philapins it was very fun and i sore my cousin ther name was vihnson and dj and im not shore abutt the ather one

  5. Judd says:

    hi room 4 I like the maker table it is fun

  6. JUDD says:


  7. Judd says:

    hi class I am have so much fun it .I no some things about fraction

  8. Brayden says:

    Hi room 4 I am have so much fun and . I no a antha tipe of food that difis out and it is rise

  9. Harry says:

    Hi Judd
    Why do you like learning about God
    From Harry

  10. david says:

    the best thing i have made is a paper airoplane and a chatter box and a brownney i like

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