Linking learning

A class blog is a fantastic way to strengthen the Home – School link. Check this page regularly for ideas and simple things you can do with your child at home to support what they are learning about currently in the classroom. 

  • Ask your child about their reading and writing goal or even better – pop in to the class room and get them to show you!
  • We’ve had a big focus on mental computation skills in mathematics this term. We talk about mental computation being facts we know in out head without thinking too much about it. With practice we can apply these strategies to many situations. We’ve spent lots of time practising these strategies because they can help us to work out maths problems quickly and easily.

Our success criteria (things we need to be able to do) are:

– I know my tens facts

– I can bridge to ten

– I can add ten

– I know my doubles to twenty

– I know my near doubles to twenty

Ask your child to explain what these strategies are (or ask me if you’re not sure!)

  • Our inquiry unit this term has an earth science focus with ‘Changes Over Time’ being our BIG IDEA. Talk to your child about the observable changes in the sky and landscape over the term. Ask questions and wonder why…

– Some tree lose leaves and some don’t?

– Why does the moon look different in the sky at different times?

– How do natural and non-natural materials change over time?

– What do our seasons look and feel like?

Pose ‘what if’ problems around these concepts!

  • We are about to begin using addition and subtraction in our maths lessons this term. A big focus for these topics is highlighting ways that we use these operations in our everyday lives. Doing ‘written sums’ forms a very small part of the learning – we like solving real problems!  We also try to use many different terms for the same operation ie ADDITION: plus, add, put things together  SUBTRACTION: take, lose, remove etc.
  • Pop in to the classroom and ask your child to show and explain our CAFE reading menu to you. We use the CAFE system during our literacy time and the strategies listed on the menu help children become great readers. (See our related post on the home page too!)


  • We’re doing lots of counting at the minute! Throw a bunch of stuff out (beads, buttons, rocks, whatever you have!) and ask your child to count them. Forwards and backwards.
  • Use prompts such as:

“How many do you have ALTOGETHER?”

“How many would you have ALTOGETHER if I took 3, 5, 1 etc. away?”

“How many more would you need to get to …?”

Is there a quicker and easier way you could count them?

  • After reading, ask your child if what they read reminded them of anything. Making connections with a text is a powerful comprehension strategy. For example, we read a text last week about a boy who was waiting for his birthday party but a bush fire was burning near his home. We made connections such as: “I’ve had a birthday party before” and “I remember seeing smoke near a bushfire”.

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  1. Sophia says:

    Hi room4 we are lerning about the weather. In our weather experience we are watching how the weather change over time.

  2. Judd says:

    I am having a good time on study ladder and in our class room4

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