School sports day!

On April 26th the annual Holy Family School Sports Day was held at Goldsworthy Reserve. We were lucky that the weather stayed dry for the day, although I don’t think even any amount of rain could have stopped us! What a fantastic day it was with lots of laughs and lots of smiles and all students doing their very best. I was so proud of all the students from room 4 on the day and was so pleased to see you all encouraging each other. Well done!

Check out some of the day’s action below!

IMG_9844 IMG_9847 IMG_0062 IMG_0064What was your favourite thing about sports day?

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After a restful Easter break we are all looking forward to more exciting things this term!

What did you do over the holidays?

What are you looking forward to this term?

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Some Special Visitors

Our Inquiry focus this term has been about Our Community. We have discovered WHAT our community is made up of, WHO are the important people in our community and HOW we can be positive members of our community.

We were thrilled to have some special visitors from the Corio Fire Station last week. We learnt about what they do as firemen, why their job is important and how we can be safe in a fire.

Take a look at our video below!

CFA Visit on PhotoPeach


What did you learn from the visit from the Corio Firefighters?

What would happen if we didn’t have firefighters in our community?

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Room 4 Readers!

Room 4 is really buzzing during our literacy block! Our reading time is based on the CAFE system which breaks reading into 4 main areas:


(I understand what I read)


(I know all the words)


(I read smoothly, with expression and few mistakes)

Expand Vocabulary

(I find and use interesting words when I speak and write)

Each day we have been adding strategies (things that help us get better at something) to our CAFE menu under these headings. Mrs Buckby has also started helping students to set a reading goal for themselves and will use ‘teacher time’ and ‘chat time’ to help them reach their goal and become the best readers they can be.

Check out all the Independent readers below!



What do good readers do?

When do you like to practise reading?


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Lent is the 40 days before Easter. As Christian people, we use this time to become better at :

Loving God

Loving ourselves

Loving others

We have been discussing different ways we can do these things in our lives. We have focussed on the terms of Prayer , Fasting and Almsgiving and how these things help to ‘grow’ and bring us closer to God.


Prayer (talking to God)

Fasting (going without something)
Fasting (going without something)
Almsgiving (giving money to the poor)
Almsgiving (giving money to the poor)

 How are you preparing for Easter?

What is you Lenten Promise?

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Giving and following directions

Today during our maths session we brainstormed some direction and location vocabulary that would help us give and follow directions. We watched the video below to see what vocabulary was used to find the pirate’s treasure. We then used as many of these words as we could to hide and find our own ‘treasure’ with a partner!

What we discovered:

  • The more words we used, the easier it was to follow the directions and find the treasure

  • Knowing left and right helped us a lot.

When do you need to follow directions?

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The beginning of 2015 in room 4

What a fantastic start we’ve had in room 4 at Holy Family! We’ve made new friends, learnt new things and had plenty of FUN!

Check out our video below and let us know what you think

What have you enjoyed most so far this year?

What are you looking forward to?

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