Room 4 Maker Space

One of the most popular places in room 4 would have to be our ‘MAKER TABLE’. It’s a place where students can go to be creative, solve problems and work together to make things. Every week Mrs Buckby and Mrs Bakker put new things on the Maker Table. It teaches us to not give up, be creative, talk about problems and try to work them out together. Everyone LOVES making!

Check out the photos of us making things together.IMG_0566 IMG_1378IMG_0040 IMG_0559


What is the best thing you have MADE?

What do you MAKE at home?

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5 Responses to Room 4 Maker Space

  1. Amelia & Eadide says:

    hello everyboby,
    How are you?
    The maker table has been so fun.At the maker
    table we have made
    1. car wash
    2. car
    3. a garden
    and we are making a house
    bye and see you later

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hi girls,
      What a quality comment! I’m glad you’ve been having fun at the Maker Table. You are both very creative!
      Do you make things at home too?
      From Mrs Buckby.

      • Eadie and Amelia says:

        Hi Mrs Buckby
        We love to make and we make lots of interesting inventions at home. Amelia is crazy about making and so am I. And we also love being in your class.
        Your best students Eadie and Amelia.

  2. Austin&Marcus says:

    Hello room 4 at home Austin made a robot and Marcus helped his Barka make a cake.

  3. Mia says:

    Hello room4 i hope that everyone is happy that brandon is back from phillpenss.And i hope that people that are sick get beter.

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