100 days of School!

Recently we held a class party to celebrate our 100th day of school for 2015! We have been counting the days since the start of term 1 by placing a bottle top in a plastic bag each day. When we had 10 bottle tops in each bag we closed it and moved on to the next bag. We used our counting and place value knowledge to work out quickly and easily how many days we had been at school and how many were left to go.

The party was so much fun. We played party games and danced to music!

IMG_0914IMG_0917 IMG_0919 IMG_0921 IMG_0924

What did you enjoy most about the class party?

What is something else you have had to wait for?

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6 Responses to 100 days of School!

  1. Nicholas says:

    hi room4 are you good? did you have fun at the class party? cool i did to.

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hi Nicholas,
      I really like your comment! It’s great to ask questions as it keeps the conversation going. Well done. I had fun at the class party too. It was great to celebrate together. What else do you celebrate Nicholas?
      Bye for now.
      From Mrs Buckby.

  2. austin says:

    At the school party the thing I liked the most was the games we played ,iliked the balloon game the best.And the chocolate crackles tasted really really really nice.I’ve had to wait for soccer and cricket to start.

  3. Amelia says:

    Hi room4
    What I enjoy about the class party was that I had fun playing with my friends and I loved the chocolate crackles
    See you soon.

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hi Amelia,
      What a quality comment! Did you ask an adult to check your spelling or did you check your own? I am very impressed!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the party. I did too! I loved watching everyone dancing in musical statues. How many days of school do you think there would be if we kept counting until the end of the year?

      See you at school.
      From Mrs Buckby.

      • AMELIA says:

        Hi Mrs Buckby,
        Yes I did check with my mum but what I don’t know is how many days untl the end of the year.Thanks for replying Mrs Buckby.I hope you have a lovely football day.
        see you soon.***

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