Book Week 2015

What a fantastic week we have had celebrating Children’s Book Week! The theme for the celebrations this year was ‘Books Light up our World’ and we sure did LIGHT UP the Mercy room with our Book Week Parade! Check out our costumes in the clip below.


What was your favourite thing about Book Week?

What was your favourite short listed picture book?

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13 Responses to Book Week 2015

  1. Mia says:

    Hello room4 i had a fantasic day on book week . Then we went to the mercy room and whatched the 5/6 play.AND PIG THE PUG WAS THE BOOK OF THE YEAR.

  2. Nicholas says:

    hollo room4 i had a good time at the parad.i watched 5/6 play and pig the pug was the book of the year

  3. Mia says:

    Hi room4 how are you???

  4. Amelia says:

    Hi room4
    My favourite thing about book week was dressing up and watching the play.
    Mr.McGuan was dressed up as Cinderella’s step sister.
    bye room4 I’ll talk to you later.

  5. marcus says:

    hi room4
    my favourite picture book is pig the pug.
    by room4

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hi Marcus,
      I loved Pig the Pug too! I think Pug was lucky he didn’t get into big trouble from his owner, don’t you? Have you read any other books about Pig Marcus?
      See you,
      Mrs Buckby.

  6. Eadie says:

    Hi room4,
    my favourite bit about book week is when we got to dress up. I dressed up as Paddington. And seeing the play. Mr McGoun dressed up as the ugly stepsister from Cindrella.

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hello Eadie,
      I loved your Paddigton outfit! I really loved the bag you were carrying – just like in the story! What is your favourite part it the story of Padfington?
      From Mrs Buckby.

      • Eadie says:

        Hi Mrs Buckby
        My favourite bit about the book is when the Brown family found Paddington. And when Mr Brown thought Mrs Brown was going to call Paddington Ketchup the bear.
        Bye Mrs Buckby and see you at school.

  7. Zoe D from 3/4 dm says:

    All your effort into the fantastic costumes that you guys made.

    I loved them so so so so so so so much.

    See you soon. Bye :]

  8. austin says:

    hello room4 my favourite short listed book was Pig thePug.bye room4

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      G’Day Austin,
      I really liked Pig the Pug too! I think having Pig as a pet would be very funny, what do you think? My dog Lucky is cheeky. He steals Mr Buckby’s boots from the backdoor and hides them in his kennel! Do you have a cheeky pet?
      Don’t forget to begin your sentences with a Capital letter.
      See you later.
      From Mrs Buckby.

  9. Aine says:

    Hi Zoe I think Eadie put effort in her costume to.

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