Money, Money, Money!

imagesWe are learning all about Australian notes and coins during maths lessons in room 4.  These are some of the things we’re doing:

– Describing the features of the Australian notes and coins

– Ordering money according to it’s value

– Using different combinations of coins and notes to make different amounts.

Check out the coin rap below!

Which coin has a platypus on one side?

If you could have one coin what would it be and why?

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5 Responses to Money, Money, Money!

  1. Eadie and Amelia says:

    hi room4
    A five cent has a echidna on it
    A ten cent has a peacock on it
    A twenty cent has a platypus on it
    A fifty cent has a emu and kangaroo on it
    A one dollar has lots of kangaroo on it
    A two dollar has a aboriginal on it .

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hello Eadie and Amelia,
      What a FANTASTIC comment you girls left! It was about the post AND I can tell you really thought about what you typed. You girls are fantastic bloggers 🙂
      I hope that you will be able to share what you know about Australian money with our class – you are now the ‘experts’! I wonder if you can use your mental computation facts to help you to count money? I know that if I have 2 ten cent coins I have 20 cents because double 10 is 20.
      See you at school

      • Eadie & Amelia says:

        Hi Mrs Buckby
        we would love to share with the class about the money we have been learning.
        From Eadie and Amelia

  2. Austin & Emmanuel says:

    Hi room4!!! Me and emmanuel know that a 20 cent peace has a platypus on the front, and queen elizabeth on the back.
    Bye room four

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hi guys,
      You are correct, the 20 cent PIECE has a platypus on the front. Did you notice how I spelled the word PIECE when we are talking about money? What is this type of word called Austin, do you remember?
      See you later.
      From Mrs Buckby.

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