Moving and Grooving in Room 4!

Because we work so hard in room 4 we often take little ‘brain breaks’. When we take these breaks we usually play a quick game or do something that gets us moving for a few minutes. Recently we’ve been joining our friends Maximo, Koo Koo and Kanga Roo for some interesting yoga and dance moves! You can see a little bit of our ‘Pop See Ko’ moves below!

We love moving and grooving!


When do you need a brain break?

Why do you think it is important for people to be active and move their bodies when they can?


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2 Responses to Moving and Grooving in Room 4!

  1. Eadie and Amelia says:

    Hi room4
    We love to move and grove with the class.
    We have to be active so we can get healthy.
    see you later.

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hi girls,
      I love this comment and I love to see everyone move and groove too! It makes learning so much easier. How do you move and groove at home?
      From MRs Buckby.

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