This term our Inquiry unit focuses on Earth Science with our topic being ‘Changes Over Time’. We’ve ‘wondered’ and began to investigate how and why our sky and landscape change over time. Some students were ‘wondering’ why our moon looks different in the night sky sometimes, so we found out! We’re also tuning into new and interesting words as we discover things such as natural, phases and orbit. Check out our Inquiry page for some great online resources!

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What do you know about the moon?

What do you know about seasons?

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8 Responses to Inquiry

  1. amelia says:

    hi room4
    I know about the moon is the moon orbits the earth. And it takes 28 day to make a new moon.The sun only shines on some of the parts of the moon.
    bye room4.

    • Mrs Buckby says:

      Hello Amelia,
      Wow! What a SUPER comment! You have shown that you now know a lot about why the moon sometimes looks different in our night sky.
      Can you remember the names of some of the moon ‘phases’?
      From Mrs Buckby.

      • amelia says:

        hello mrs buckby
        there are full moon,new moon and a quter moon thats all I konw can you tell me more if there are anymore
        from Amelia

        • Mrs Buckby says:

          Hello Amelia,
          You know more about the moon than you did a few weeks ago. Well done.
          If you click on this link moon phases you can see that the moon has lots of names – depending on how much of it we can see from earth. Check it out and let us know what you find.
          Thanks for sharing new information.
          From Mrs Buckby.
          Ps. Don’t forget to check your blog comment to make sure you have used capital letters and full stops in the right places ☺

  2. Austin & Jesse says:

    hi room4 Me and Jesse know diferent phases of the moon one of the phases is the last quarter moon another one is the first quarter moon there is a new moon

  3. Eadie says:

    hi room4
    last night was a three quarter moon

  4. Amelia & Eadie says:

    hi room4
    MOON we larned that the moon orbit the earth.
    The moon can be different shaps and sizes.
    SEASONS there are 4 seasons.
    the moon changes in every seasons.

  5. austin & jesse says:

    Hi room4 me and jesse know that the sun does not move at all.We also know it takes twenty eight days for the moon to orbit the earth.If the earth did`nt move one part would be dark room4.

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